Wesley's Chapel
The Third Floor

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The top floor of John Wesley’s House is not open to the public. At present it serves as an additional office for the curator and as a store for the museum’s research collection (books and manuscripts which are used primarily by museum staff and volunteers to develop new exhibitions).

Over the years the space has been used for a number of different purposes. In John Wesley’s day this floor was given over, along with the second floor, for his travelling preachers, their families and servants. John Wesley’s House continued to be used as a minister’s manse after his death until 1898. One of the last Superintendents of Wesley’s Chapel to use the house as a manse was the Rev. John McKenny. His daughter Helen and her brother had their bedrooms in the two main rooms on this floor. Helen kept a diary of her time at City Road (called ‘A City Road Diary’) which includes anecdotes about showing numerous visitors around the ‘Wesley relics’ – ‘A City Road Diary’ can be purchased from our online gift shop.

The third floor was modernised in the 1960s and converted into a flat. In the 1990s it was then returned to museum use, but still retains its modern layout.

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3rd Floor

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