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Wesley’s Chapel stands just outside of London’s Square Mile (the area known as The City of London). In 1776 John Wesley was engaged in the lengthy process of petitioning the Corporation of the City of London for a piece of land on which to build a chapel. His petition was eventually granted on condition that the chapel should be set well back from the road, “with large houses in front”. Perhaps it was thought that a Nonconformist chapel would not be of sufficient architectural merit to grace a busy London thoroughfare!

However, hard bargaining ensured that the courtyard was left open to the road, so that the chapel, a simple yet imposing building, was clearly visible and welcoming to passers by. Today a statue of John Wesley, erected in 1891, dominates the centre of the courtyard, facing out onto the 21st century traffic of City Road. This statue serves as a constant reminder that John Wesley constantly directed his energies out into the world of 18th century London and beyond.

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